Thursday, March 15, 2012

Free Movies Online: Top Movies You’d Love to Download

You can easily discover a good number of summaries nowadays that put together the most watchable films of all time. People love movies, and they want to get an idea of what might be good to view next. Almost all people familiar with the Internet have used various websites offering free movies online.

Entertainment is always of value, especially when it comes for free. In the opinions of the watchers, these are the best films you can get for free online now. These ultra-popular and top-grossing Hollywood films make Internet users rush to download a free full-length version or demand to get their full free movies online.

A top movie from a list of Top 10 horror films is “The Exorcist” in 1973. This movie was simply a landmark when it came to horror movies. The scare-factor was brought by the possessed lead, a little girl who managed to make audiences scream without invoking ultra-high-tech effects.

Some people still remember the film with a shiver. It is impossible to wipe away the recall of certain scenes, such as the possessed child's creep down the stairs. That these shots are still referred to today proves how well-thought-out that movie was.

Another famous option is "Titanic", a movie that many shall remember as the most profitable movie ever. This movie from the late 90s is in just about all lists for the best romance movies of all time. It didn’t hurt that the film put together the hottest male and female stars of that time in leading roles; who could ever forget Leonardo di Caprio painting a nude Kate Winslet?

For all that its theme was not entirely new, it became an icon because of its classy approach to the story, which is also the reason that so many moviegoers consider it to be the best of all its kind. The real beauty of the plot is the relegation of the disaster to the sidelines in favor of a human piece. So popular was this movie that its profits went into the hundreds of millions.

The next top-grossing film of all time, a couple of hundred million dollars short of “Titanic”, is Disney’s “The Lion King”. This is perhaps the animated movie with the greatest profits ever. This animated film has even trounced many live actor's films in terms of earnings.

If your interest is in science fiction, "War of the Worlds" would be a good choice. The 1938 radio fiction-drama set nationwide panic as news reported an alien invasion by creatures from Mars. The Tom Cruise 2005 remake did not create as much impact but the movie did show unforgettable scenes of aliens abducting people and taking over the planet.

For something endowed with drama yet also fairly laid-back, the iconic production is surely "Forrest Gump". The plot revolves around a protagonist with none too great a brain yet all too big a heart. Films of this type are what give Tinseltown its glitter, at the end of the day.

People on a search for good free movies online should never scorn these examples. Movies touch lives like nothing else could. These films can still be enjoyed online, either through streams or downloads.

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